Emerald Star Healing  has just recently been brought into our Dimension & Reality.

While Whitney is currently training several Initiates at this time, she and one other  practitioner are the only ones  available for healing sessions.

Since Whitney lives East of Mt. Shasta and her other Practitioner, ShamRaEl, lives in Ankara, Turkey,  they are only able to offer Remote  Healing at this time.

To many, Emerald Star Healing  is unique because the Practitioner does not do the process alone.  It is done under the Guidance of The Shambhalla Masters and with the assistance of the members of the Order of the Emerald Star.

It is a very powerful healing process, yet it is very gentle and relaxing for the client.

For more information or to ask questions, please visit our
Emerald Star Healing Forum.

To schedule a healing, please
Email Whitney or ShamRael.
The Order of the Emerald Star is a special healing order that exists in the 11th Dimension.  ALL Healers who currently exist in this Earth Dimension and Reality are inter-connected with the Order of the  Emerald Star in one way or another.  In a sense, the Order of the Emerald Star acts as a Mass Consciousness for ALL healers.

In the past, those who received some kind of Guidance or Insights from the Order of The Emerald Star had not sufficiently raised their vibration to translate the information perfectly.  Consequently,  there is at least one factor (or ingredient) missing in every single cure/treatment/medicine that is being used on the planet earth at this time.

The Shambhalla Masters and Alena Tau of The Order of the Emerald Star have called on Whitney to teach the process they call "Emerald Star Healing." They have worked with her on  writing the training manual and will also be working with her and her Initiates in using this powerful healing process to assist others in healing themselves and their lives,  healing the planet, its flora and fauna, and raising the Vibration of the Whole by restoring Harmony and Balance to the planet.

(NOTE:  It is important at this time to explain to you that Whitney's Spiritual is Maya Ohm Mahatma.  You can learn more about Whitney by clicking HERE.  For now, know that any information you read about the Order of the Emerald Star that refers to Maya Ohm is referring to Whitney's Spiritual name).


The "Emerald Star Healing" modality includes 3 Special Empowerments

Part I of the training manual introduces a special process called "Higher Dimensional Chakras." During this process, Initiates are guided through a series of meditatations that raise the vibrations of their chakras and merge them with the new Higher Dimensional Chakras.

Part II of the training manual teaches the actual Emerald Star Healing process and  how to give remote healings as well as "hands-on" healings to their clients.

 For more information about the classes, or if you have any questions you would like to ask before deciding to learn the process, please visit our Emerald Star Healing Forum.

Classes can be either One-on-One or group classes and are held in our Emerald Star Healing Community (chat room).  To sign up for classes, please Email Whitne


This manual has been designed as an instruction manual for those receiving the Emerald Star Healing, Training, Empowerments and Certification. While it contains information which is beneficial to those interested in becoming Emerald Star Healing Practitioners, the ability to give Treatments Training, Empowerments and Certification can only be transferred to the Initiate by an Emerald Star Healing Master Teacher or Grand Master.


We do not charge fees for any of our services.   However, if you would like to support our work,  we would be honored if you would send a  "Love Offering"  to Whitney's
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